Here we have a good size dent, on the body line of a Ford Mustang. It’s pretty ugly and these hoods are aluminum. Vehicle manufacturers are building cars with aluminum body panels for many reasons. This has resulted in collision centers and body shops, having to become certified in aluminum repairs and in costly equipment purchases. Some shops prefer to replace and not repair aluminum panels as a result. 

Fast Dent can repair dents and dings in aluminum, without the need for replacing or refinishing your vehicles panels. When paintless dent repair is an option, it is always the better choice.

As you can see in these photos, the dent on this aluminum Mustang hood turned at perfect. The aluminum does require more effort, but you can trust, that Fast Dent paintless dent removal technicians are qualified. 


  • Difficulty :
  • Result :
  • Repair :
    2 Hrs

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