Large Dent With Crease Through The Center

Most people see this type of damage and automatically assume, it will need to go to a body shop. 99% of body shops and collision centers, won’t even repair this fender. Most shops will choose to replace the fender, many times the fender will be an after market, non-oem part. Once the new fender is bolted on, it will then be prepped and painted. This will also require the surrounding areas (bumper, hood and door) blended to match. It will be time consuming and expensive.

And then there’s FAST DENT, we replace no parts, nor do we re-paint the damaged fender.  Instead we repair the fender, utilizing the most advanced  paintless dent repair techniques. The metal is meticulously massaged, until the dent is removed. Your factory finish stays intact and uncompromised.

As you can see by the photos, this fender had a very large dent, with a crease running through the dent and beyond. The repair was completed in hours not days and the customer was very happy, he had chosen paintless dent removal.


  • Difficulty :
  • Result :
  • Repair :
    4 Hrs

We repair dents of all sizes, call us before bringing your car to a body shop